Monday, 3 July 2017

*** NEW BOOK REVIEW *** HART OF MINE by Annie Arcane

A paraplegic love story ​concludes.

God, this woman drives me insane.

In all of the good, most of the bad, and some of the ugliest ways imaginable. But it doesn't matter because she's mine. My little sadist. My crazy girl. My beautiful wife.

And you don't ever f*ck with what's mine.

Warning: Strong language, mature content, drama, and angst included. Shirt sold separately.

This novella is an adult romance featuring a disabled character who (still) happens to be a rich and sexy alpha male with a potty mouth. Fans of Me Before You and Flowers from the Storm will appreciate this new, refreshing take on the wounded hero romance genre.

Hart of Mine is for anybody who enjoys:

  • adult contemporary romance

  • love stories with a twist

  • unconventional alpha males

  • damaged heroes and disabled characters

The Cale & Mickey Series: Book ​4​ of 4 (HEA)

Hart of Mine is the conclusion to Cale & Mikey series by Annie Arcane.  The series begins with a full length and concludes with three novellas.  Of the novellas, Hart of Mine is my favorite because it ends Cale & Mikey’s story perfectly.

I love the Hart series about Cale Windermere and Makensington “Mickey” Oliver Hart for so many reasons.  I love that the hero is a strong, alpha male and all the great qualities of a great book boyfriend who happens to be disabled (paraplegic). I love Mikey.  She is my favorite type of heroine.  I love the storyline. 

From the beginning, Cale is dealing with a lot of insecurities in his relationship.  Some are centered around the challenges of his disability.  His insecurities often make the reader want to wrap him up in love and understanding. However, there are times when his douche tendencies rear its head, and you want to slap his face.  The douche doesn’t have anything to do with his disability, he displayed those traits even when he was able-bodied.  

Mickey is one of my favorite heroines.  She is strong but so much more than that.  Mickey has worked hard to deal with some emotional disabilities and now works hard to help Cale move forward and trust again.  She doesn’t give up on Cale either and believe me, there are times that she should tell him to get lost.  Mostly, Mickey sees Cale’s heart and understands him and loves him unconditionally. 

Hart of Mine is told in the alternating points of view of Mickey and Cale.  Annie does an excellent job showing the main characters’ love and pain.  The reader “feels” Cale’s hurt and insecurity that often gets in the way of his relationship.  Through all his missteps, his love of Mickey is also beautifully portrayed. 

The dialog and the relationship development is well done.  It is impossible not to want these characters to figure out how to make their life together work and get a happily-ever-after.  The research is well done.  The descriptions of life as a paraplegic are accurately depicted in a way that explains day-to-day life while not evoking pity.  That is one of my favorite aspects of the story—both characters are “normal” in different ways.

My only suggestion for I have for any future projects is to include more interactions with the support characters. In Hart of Mine, I need a little more time with Cale’s family.  They love him so much, and I want to see their love for Mickey too.  The scenes in the early book are very touching.  I’m also interested in Dixon Rush.  He is still a mystery presented but not resolved. 

I hope Annie Arcane can revisit these characters at some point although I’m not sure how, as the ending is most satisfying.  Another suggestion is to repackage the novellas as a full-length novel.  I believe Cale and Mickey’s story can be more successful as a duet.  Ms. Arcane is a talented writer.  I look forward to reading more stories by her in the future.  In the meantime, I recommend this series to anyone who loves a good romance with characters that have a lot of hurdles to overcome. 



Romance with wounded heroes, disabled characters, alpha males, and angst.

Annie doesn’t like long walks on the beach, getting dolled up, or HEA endings with a boringly perfect hero. She’d much rather be rock climbing, shooting guns, or ending on cliffhangers with a deliciously imperfect hero. And hugs. She likes hugs.

She also has a B.Sc. in Biology and feels kinda sorta weird referring to herself in 3rd person. Just saying.

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