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  Anarchy Chained
Alpha Thomas
Trilogy Complete
The last bad guy speaks.
Everyone wants revenge.
That’s what I tell my new would-be partner in crime, Sadie Scott.
“You’re crazy,” she says. “Certifiably insane.”
Just a little. But isn’t everyone a little crazy?
“And I’m gonna get the hell away from you as fast as I can.”
She’s so cute when she’s defiant.
“As soon as I get my memory back and figure out who I am.”
Yeah. That little problem is definitely working in my favor.
“So stay away from me, Thomas Brooks. Or I will…”
She’ll what? We’re perfect for each other and she knows it. But if she needs a little more convincing… Well, there’s a friend of mine she needs to meet.
He’s very convincing.
Yes, Sadie Scott, you’re mine now. We were made to be together.
Body, mind, and soul.
We were made to be together.
Just the three of us.
Together. Forever. 


All good things must come to an end, so they say.  Anarchy Chained is the last book in the Super Alpha series by one of the best authors writing today JA Huss.  The Super Alpha series is not for the faint of heart or anyone who can’t transport into a futuristic world.  However, if you can love a superhero who might be a supervillain you get in triplicate.  Anarchy Chained is Thomas Brooks’ story. 

Thomas Brooks is the last of the three Alphas who escaped from Prodigy the school that made them into freaks, or superhuman, or extraordinary depending on how you look at it.  Each Alpha has unique superpowers, and Thomas’ powers surprised the hell out of me.  I didn’t expect him to be so unique even among the super alphas but what did I expect.  I don’t know.  Up to this point in the series, we are aware Thomas is cool, calm, and collected.  Always in control and always planning. He doesn’t get close to anyone and feelings are for weaker beings. Thomas is controlling and a planner who wants to make Cathedral City safe (we think) again.  

Anarchy Chained picks up a little while after Anarchy Missing ends.  Thomas is dealing with feelings now.  Are they his feelings or some else’s?  Poor Thomas is in a bad way another surprise from the start of the book.  As Thomas is dealing with his new surroundings, thoughts, and feelings, Sadie Scott enters his world.  Who is she?  What is her mission?

Sadie is a fellow Prodigy experiment that the Super Alpha’s didn’t know existed.  She is a tripper with the skill to get wherever she needs to go by using chameleon type changes of sorts.  Her current mission is to kill Thomas.  However, Sadie didn’t expect Thomas’ real gifts to manifest and mess with her mind and her memory. Everything that happens next is unexpected and spellbinding for the reader.

What can I say except Julie Huss has done it again!  Like all her books Anarchy Chained is fantastically written.  She creates a unique world that I fall back into from the first line of the first page. Julie builds on events from the previous two books while making Thomas’ story new and exciting and unpredictable.  (I know I’ve said that already).  The world in the Super Alpha series is very complex and futuristic with a graphic novel flavor whipped up with the perfect dose of hot erotica.  Thomas, in any form, is one hot superhero.  I love him calm and in control and I love him hot and fighting with himself. 

This series is one of my all-time favorites.  The story unfolds at a fast pace with twists and turns that make you scream WHOA!  What just happened? Often!  The action is well done and highly suspenseful.  There are a few times that I put my Kindle down to get a shot of Petron (liquid fortification) before I continued. 

If you like Iron Man and other stories of this ilk, you will find the Anarchy trilogy very entertaining. I highly recommend a trip to Cathedral City with Thomas Brooks and his crew via Anarchy Chained.  You won’t regret it.


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