Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Title: Finding Eli
Author: Jake Irons
Genre: Erotic Romance/Mystery
Release Date: April 25, 2017


When you have a thrice-a-day Starbucks addiction, a love affair with Louboutins, and an apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world, the last thing you need is to lose your job. But that’s what happened to me—or what will, unless I can pull off the impossible: find Eli Murphy. Eli, notorious playboy and New York City high roller, is the founder of the newzine where I work. He's been MIA for three years. But I think I can find him. If I do, and I get his story, I can keep my job. What could go wrong? Ask me when I’m tangled in my lies—and his bed sheets. Ask me when we’re running for our lives.
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Finding Eli by Jake Irons is my kind of story.  I like the thriller/mystery, and the budding romance throw in a little spice with the hot sex scenes it’s an enjoyable, well-rounded read. 

Eli Murphy is a man who started a news website that took off.  He became successful then sold everything for a lot of money then fell off the face of the earth.  No one could find him, and he liked it that way.  Eli is a hot mystery.  There are so many secrets that he only shares with his dog and, honestly, he is so young to live the life of a hermit.  It doesn’t take long for him to think Tara a.k.a. Chelsea could be more than temporary.

Tara Daniels is desperate.  She works for The Watcher, Eli’s old news zine, but not for long.  They are eliminating her position so with the hope of saving her job she teams up with her friend Frankie to find Eli and write his story. Tara has great investigative skills.  She knows how to talk herself into sources good graces and get their help. 

There is instant chemistry between the two causing Tara to question her mission.  If Eli wants to stay hidden, maybe she needs to let her quest go.  The problem is journalist positions are hard to come by, and she doesn’t want to lose the job she loves. 
Finding Eli is told in the alternating points of view of the hero and heroine, giving the reader insight into their thought processes and internal conflicts.  Mr. Irons does a good job hold the readers’ attention from beginning to end with a solid, well-developed plot. 

The hero and heroine are strong characters with secrets and hidden agendas. 
The story is plausible for the situation.  It unfolds at a steady pace and leaves the reader wondering what will happen next.  Book 2 of the series is due to release the end of May.  I’m anxious to see how the situation is going to play out when all the secrets are revealed. 

If you like a good story with a nail-biting, cliffhanger (I know), you will enjoy Finding Eli.  Even though there is a cliffhanger, it isn’t too bad when you only need to wait a month for the next installment.  Jake Irons is a new author and, if Finding Eli is an indication of his storytelling skills, he will be around for a long time. 


About The Author

Jake Iron's is the author of Finding Eli (Part One) and the upcoming Unraveling Eli. You can connect with him on Facebook and Goodreads.
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