Tuesday, 25 April 2017

*** REVIEW DEBUT NOVEL *** WORKING ON IT by Cass Alexander

Title: Working On It

Author: Cass Alexander
Your name (Courtney Worley--Cass is my pen name)

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance

Synopsis/Blurb: Meet Rebecca Banks. Intelligent. Inexperienced. In trouble. She wants someone who already has the perfect girlfriend. But when Evan decides to end his long-term relationship, will Rebecca be brave enough to take a chance on him? Can he see past her shortcomings? Can she? Rebecca’s got a long list of flaws. But she’s working on it.


Working on It is the debut novel by Cass Alexander.  It is the first book in her The Persimmon Series.  Persimmon is a small college with a small-town feel.  Everyone knows everyone else on campus. 

Normally I’m not a big fan of “school” theme stories.  That is probably because I’m old enough that the shenanigans of college and high school kids rub me wrong.  However, Ms. Alexander does a good job developing her characters in a way that they have common sense and a little maturity. 

The main characters in Working On It are Evan Michaels, the big man on campus that all the girls on campus swoon over.  Rebecca Banks the cute girl, that many of the guys drool over, however, she is more interested in being friends than serious relationships. 

Evan has a girlfriend Rachel when he is introduced in the novel.  He is a good guy and doesn’t want to hurt a woman who started as his friend it’s just that the relationship doesn’t feel like it is going in the right direction.  I like the way this character is developed.  He has a conscious and wants to do the right thing the right way. 

Rebecca is a strong, independent female character.  I appreciate that she wants to be a success financially, scholastically, and emotionally.  She has a good family relationship and, while she didn’t have the best experience with previous boyfriends she is willing to try even if she tends to protect her heart and run occasionally. 

The support characters are fun and add perspective for the reader.  They move the story forward as good friends.  We get to know enough about them that interest is piqued for future books in the series.  I love Jen, Rebecca’s friend.  She is a shoulder to lean on when needed while encouraging Rebecca to take chances. 

Drew and the other guys in Evans fraternity are all interesting characters, and I want to know more.  Evans friends stand by him when he needs support.  They show support and guidance when needed.  They are all the type of friends we all like and need. 

Cass Alexander is a talented writer with a lot of potential.  Her decision to tell this story in the alternating point of view of the main characters works well.  The book works as a standalone I’m a little disappointed with the ending.  I guess some pending questions about Evan and Rebecca are left fuzzy or unanswered for future books. 

Congratulations on a very good debut Cass Alexander.  I recommend Working On It to romance lovers.  It is a good way to get in on the ground floor and watch this new author on her road to success.