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I lived in the dark for three years. My whole world revolved around the whims and happiness of three men. It was just a trip into the forbidden. A way out of a bad situation and forward into nothingness.
Quin, with his easy smile and charming good looks. He was always there for me… Until he wasn’t.
Smith, and his dispassionate attention. He was never there for me and he never regretted it.
Bric, the one who listened, but only to himself. Self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and self-serving. He was never the one I wanted.
And now he might be the only one I have left.
It was good while it lasted, I guess. But it could’ve been so much more. It could’ve been so much better.

And that’s why I’m turning back.


Wow is my typical reaction when I finish a Huss book. She always manages to throw me for a loop even though I expect a loop at some point in her stories.  Honestly, I’m struggling for the right words to convey my feelings and how exceptional the reading experience is.  I never feel like I do Julie’s books justice

Turning Back by JA Huss is the second book in the Turning Series and again closing the book I think to myself WOW.  I’ve learned over the years that a Huss book is will be full of surprises.  The surprises are rarely what I envision at the start of the book or a series.  Julie is a master at keeping me guessing out of the gate and Turning Back is no different. 

Rochelle returns to the game after Elias “Bric” Bricman tracks her down.  Bric is lost without the game, and even though he tries to play with another friend, Jordan, the women don’t work out.  Bric misses Quin who doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore.  Quin is angry.  The only way to restore their friendship is to start what is comfortable; a version of the old game, a threesome with Bric, Quin, and Rochelle

Smith and Chella are in an exclusive relationship now.  They still have lunches and other associations with Quin and Bric individually, however, they do not spend time together as a quad any longer.  The game as they all played it in the past is non-existent.

The characterizations are well thought out and continue to develop from book 1 Taking Turns.  I love the characters in this series.  They stir a variety of emotions as Rochelle and Quin attempt to reconnect.  Quin doesn’t know who is telling the truth anymore and who is lying.  Quin and Rochelle still love each other, but all the lies and hurt are a roadblock to moving forward.  Also, Bric isn’t as cold as he used to be.  There is something different about him now, and he is sharing—something new for Rochelle. 

Julie Huss writes beautiful, explicit and realistic sex scenes in a threesome relationship very well.  They fit with the setting of The Turning Point sex club owned by Bric, and the sex game that is central to the plot.  They are appropriate within an engaging, emotionally captivating storyline.

Ms. Huss takes us on a journey that makes me anxious to the point that my stomach is in knots.  The pacing of the story is perfect with continuous action continues from beginning to end.  Told in the alternating points of view of the three players in this book, Bric, Rochelle, and Quin. The last quarter of the book tears me up on a couple levels and has me question everything I thought about the game and the players.   So Good!

In summary, Turning Back is a compelling story; well written that delivers an exhilarating, passionate, sometimes funny, and sometimes intense experience.   There are emotional elements to this tale that deal with trust, loyalty, love, and friendship and sets up the next book in the series perfectly.  I can’t wait for His Turn, the next installment in the Turning Series to see what JA Huss and Elias Bricman has up their sleeve for the final segment of the game.


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Author Bio:
JA Huss is the USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.
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