Thursday, 16 March 2017


Sports Romance!
From USA Today Best Selling Authors SE Hall and Hilary Storm!
Quarterback Sack is LIVE
Are you ready to FEEL THE #RUSH


From USA Today Bestselling Authors SE Hall and Hilary Storm comes the cockiest quarterback in Tennessee in this steamy standalone sports romance.

Rush Riggins has it all. His sexy arrogance, perfectly honed body and irresistible charisma is everything you’d expect in a single, NFL quarterback. What woman wouldn’t love to be pursued by him?

Ava Vanderbilt, that’s who.
She’s made it very clear that his relentless flirtation won’t change her mind. It’s her only rule. She can’t date a football player.

But Rush didn’t get where he is in life by giving up… he’s a very persistent man... and the end-zone isn’t the only line he plans to cross.
Cover design: Designs by Dana

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Quarterback Sack by S.E. Hall & Hillary Storm

looking for that book that has steam coming from the pages from page 1 then this is the book for you.

For me the main character Ava Vanderbilt is to be looked up to.  So much was pushed her way, things she didn’t even want but she rose up to the occasion, ignoring all the people who doubted her, even her own so called family, took the bull by the horns and rolled with it, she made mistakes, who doesn’t but she came out at the end of the book victorious, strong, determined and still a lovely caring hearted person.  Ava is so endearing she makes your heart melt; she is selfless to a fault and has such a big kind heart.  Not afraid to get her hand dirty she soon shows everyone who is boss. 

Rush Riggins at first I didn’t like him, yes he is an alpha male but such a cocky, look at me kind of guy that he actually got on my nerves and made me cringe with some of the way he acted, he does endear himself to you though throughout the book and you see a softer, caring side of him, you have to crack through the layers though to get there but worth it when you do.

The good thing about Rush is that instant attraction to Ava.  However, Ava has a strict rule not to get involved with someone like Rush.  The desire these two have for each other is obvious, but Ava’s barriers are up and as she tries to stick firm to her rule.  Rush has a challenge now to show & convince Ava that she can bring the barriers down and trust him and to go for what she desires. 

Rush’s determination to help Ava stand on her own feet, seek what she wants out of life and go for it is refreshing. 

They have a connection there is no doubt about it but will Rush win Ava’s heart, that you can only find out by reading the book.