Friday, 3 March 2017



Josh Lawson--he's got the body of an athlete, muscles galore, and thick, tousled bed head hair. He's always Mr. Serious, but when he smiles it transforms his entire face. I'd quietly lose my cool if that smirk were ever directed at me.

But playboys like him don't go for theatre nerds like me. Especially when the playboy in question is a strong silent type who is my opposite in every way. 

I definitely am NOT in love with my best friend's brother. So why do I find myself dreaming/lusting over his broad shoulders and incredible arms? And why did we practically hook up on the dance floor at his sister's wedding? I can't get him out of my mind.


Reagan Bennett is not my type. She's happy, artistic, and deserves the real deal. I'm moody and only good for a one night stand. But after our impromptu sleepover, I can't get her out of my head.

She's got legs for miles. She's creative in all the right ways: she knows all the best spots in New York City and she's passionate about everything she does. Plus, her chocolate chip pancakes are killer.

She's everything good. I'm not gonna be the one to bring her down.

But the more time we spend together, the harder it is to keep my hands off her. I want her. Hell, I need her. It might be reckless, but it also might be love.

I loved this book! 

Reagan is lovely, she is a bit weird and a bit of a nerd but you just got to love her.  Her parents who wanted her to study law have cut her off from everything only because she wanted something different for herself.  Her love for the theatre made her decide on a career in this field which is very inspiring especially when she has to now fend for herself and away from her parent’s money.  Reagan has the type of countenance that she is always smiling and happy and makes you feel happy as well.

Allie her best friend asks for her help to cheer up her big brother Josh. Poor Josh, he has moved to New York but after injury has been forced to retire from his beloved baseball league.  I am sure you can imagine how low he is.

Ahh Reagan she really likes Josh, well let’s put it this way, she fancies him something terrible but feels that Josh would never go for someone like her and Josh, bless him, thinks that his attitude and being so low would cast a cloud over Reagan’s whole being and happiness so does the only thing he can, he tries to stay away from her.

The one thing Josh and Reagan know though is that together they are better than being apart and they prove this when they do get together.  Reagan is a great help to Josh and makes him understand that there are other things in life he can do.

Josh loves what Reagan does and who she is and never wants her to change her and makes her believe that she should never change, not for anyone; she is special for who she is.
Great moral of the story is that if you love someone never try and change them.


Maggie Riley is a contemporary romance author whose interests include red wine, sushi, strolls through Central Park, and steamy men- both real and imaginary. She lives on the Upper East Side with her German Shepherd, Penny.

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