Thursday, 23 February 2017


Author: D.B. James
Title: Rhys
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: Feb 23, 2017
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He has everything planned… except her.

Rhys lives a life of solitude — one he’s perfectly content with. That is until his friend Vinny is found murdered. There are secrets and half-truths at every corner, but he’s determined to find out what happened.

Averill is exactly where she wants to be in life after years of running. She’s opened her own boutique and can finally breathe again. She thought she was safe… until her world collides with the dark shadows of Rhys’.

When he unknowingly puts her in the path of a serial killer, will he be able to protect her? Even if it means becoming the killer he’s trained to be?


It is very exciting for me when I find a new author who writes the type of stories I like to read.  Rhys is the second book by DB James and the first one of hers I’ve had the pleasure to read.  I must warn you in advance that my review will be sketchy because it is one of those books that the reader needs to experience. 

Rhys (Reese) is a second-chance/ friends-to-lovers story with a massive dose of mystery and thriller added in for good measure.  From the very first page, the story is captivating but weird.  That isn’t a bad thing, so I need to explain. 

Rhys Nathanial Gallagher is a weird guy when we meet him.  There isn’t any other way to describe him.  He explains that his name is pronounced “Reese” not “Rice” that gave him the childhood nickname of Reeses Pieces.  He has quirks that make him unique, and it 's hard to get a handle on who the man is and what he does for a living. 

The story is told from Rhys’ point of view. Therefore, all the details unfold in his time as he wants to reveal them.  There is no doubt that he has a boatload of secrets.  There is also no doubt that he is not happy with his life. 

He is estranged from his parents because his father disowned him for not staying in the Army.  Army life wasn’t for Rhys.  He did his four and then out.  His father being a lifer isn’t pleased.  His only friend is Brant some he’s known since childhood.  Brant is like a brother and knows most of Rhys’ secrets.    

One morning because his coffee maker is still broken he stops at the coffee shop and runs into another old childhood friend, Averill Lily Fitzgerald.  Rhys, Averill, and Brant were very close as kids.  It doesn’t take long for the old flames ignite and circumstances unfold that bring out Rhys’ protective nature. 

The fact that the story is told from Rhys’ point of view adds to the mystery because everything is revealed in his time and we only learn what he wants us to know.  Using the single point of view adds more anxiety because Rhys presents so many questions that can play out in multiple ways.  The reader isn’t sure what is going to happen next.  The tone is tense there is obviously something sinister about Rhys but is he a bad person? 

I like the secondary characters.  I can see Justin and Brant having a book of their own.  I don’t know if that is the author’s plan, but they are interesting characters.  It feels like Rhys and Averill are setting up Brant and Tessa.  Is their relationship going to play out in another book? 

I did feel that there are a few unanswered questions regarding some of the events around Rhys’ parents’ reasoning for the estrangement.  I don’t think I completely understand the letters.  It is possible that I’m a little dense here.  I also don’t get Justin’s initial behavior.  I’m not sure I buy Martinelli’s actions near the end, but hey; it’s fiction, so I gave it a handwave. 

All-in-all I like the story.  DB James is an excellent writer, and I look forward to seeing what other stories she has for us.  If you like a good love story with good guys and bad guys, a few twists, and tense moments from start to finish Rhys is a good thriller for you. 


D.B. James is an indie author of New Adult Romance. Seventeen Days is her debut novel. In her spare time, she’s an avid reader. Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher, Teagan Hunter, KA Tucker, Linda Kage, Renee Carlino, and Abbi Glines are a few of her obsessions. She is a mother to one spoiled rotten fur-baby named Frasier. He’s a bi-colored Persian cat, who thinks he’s royalty and can’t be told otherwise. She’s a Michigan girl through and through but currently resides in sunny Florida. Sarcasm, Supernatural (team Sam!), Harry Potter and coffee are among her favorite things.