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It's Author Ash Stone's Birthday this month. In fact, it's on Christmas Day!! Please join us as we celebrate the author turning the big 4-0!!

Silka Fontein was a typical rich little girl until she disappeared 15 years ago, right after her high school graduation after party. What happened to her? No one knows where she went to or why she had left so suddenly. Now, after all these years she returns home, different and completely changed, with secrets so deadly that everyone’s lives are in danger!  
She reunites with Taber Blake, her childhood friend who turned into the quintessential playboy.  As they fight their unexpected attraction for one another, a series of action packed events have them fighting for their lives.  It is then that Taber’s own lethal secrets are exposed in the process. Will their attraction be enough to survive the truth?
This mish-mash of action, adventure, comedy, romance, mystery, suspense and drama is spy thrilling, spine chilling read bound to keep you begging for more! Available in an Adult or PG rated version, you will have no reason not escape into their world and hearts.

Adult Version
PG Version

Ash was born on Christmas Day 1974. So started a life of "Merry Christmas...And oh! Happy Birthday too." Before you say, "Aw Shame" and break out the tissues, please know that Ash is a Christmas Diva! There are always two presents ...or else! 

Reading and writing was a big part of Ash's life growing up. Being a typical rebel, rather than joining the cut-throat corporate world after graduating, Ash became a vegetarian hippie instead and went into the gardening/ nursery business. The irony of a vegetarian "plant lover" is still lost this award winning Horticulturist to this day. 

Ash traded comfortable hemp attire for corporate cotton later on and became the Purchasing Manager for McDonald's Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa region. These days neither the high flying corporate Exec or the vegetarian hippie exist, but rather the family orientated book lover with not so much spare time to read anymore. 


The eternal rebel loves to connect with fans (or "Stoneys!" as they are lovingly referred to). So, go on and stalk away, you rebel you!



I was asked to read this book for an honest review.
I must admit that Ash Stone is a new author to me and this is the first book I have read by this author.
I was not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by how good this books was.
There are two main characters Silva and Tabor lost touch for 15 years and then again found each.  In the finding of each other, they take you on an amazing rollercoaster of emotions.  You will be kept gripped to your seat while reading all the twists and turns in this book, you will gasp and say OMG a lot but it will be so worth it.
This book is action packed and yes it is a thriller just so you are aware.  I knew when I read the synopsis that this would be a book I could enjoy and I was not wrong. 
I found I was lulled into a false sense of security, thinking at the beginning that this would be a great romantic sexy novel but I was so wrong, there is so much more to read here.  Yes there is a romance, well erotic moment but I felt they did not over play the content of this story.
The great thing here is that Ash Stone has brought out two versions, an Adult Version and a PG Version.  Even in the PG version you get a sense of the connection between these two characters.
All in all this is full of drama, action and suspense.  The good thing I felt though was that the love story was real and that made the difference to some of the books out there that I have read.
Ash Stone has a great book here on her hands and for a new author to write something as good as this, I feel that we will hear more from Ash Stone.
I would recommend this book to you all.

5 Stars

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